Saturday, 17 December 2011

This project I was quite keen to do, but needed the help
of my friend Ben Hoffman , owner and curator of Raptor Rescue Centre in KwaZulu Natal. I consider him a specialist in the field. He's a real bird man, and I was very grateful for his input. I was asked to make to GPS GSM units that could be fitted to the back of vultures, but not only that, they were still baby vultures sitting on nests. I had my reservations of being successful due to the size that needed to be met, however I'm glad to report that they are working perfectly and doing what they should do. Enclosed is a picture of the birds as well as a picture of my tracking website showing the two vultures.
Some times a man has to do what a man has to do.... It does not always work, like in this case. But at least I keep on trying. Monkeys or primates in general need our help as much as we can.
This is the big one, I finally done it!!!!!!!!.
I finally got my own aeroplane!!!!!!!. having started flying at the young age of 14 and always been passionate about flying, I now have the best of all worlds. I love electronics and qualified as an electronics engineer, I'm absolutely commited to wildlife and conservation and have my own wildlife sanctuary and to crown it all being successful in marrying the two worlds together withthe manufacturing of wildlife telemetry equipment for monitoring wildlife in  conservation projects, I can now top it all by flying my own aeroplane and assisting in tracking the wildlife in the various projects. One more goal is to join the Bateleurs. It's a group of pilots who commit themselves to the conservation of wildlife. above is a picture of my new baby.
Well! Typing is definitely not my forte, but that is the only way I can keep up my blog. A lot has happened since the last time I have entered something , one of the most exciting projects to date must be
having been given the order to assemble and supply 16 VHF tracking collars for black Rhino that are to be relocated to a private nature reserve. There is a lovely video on You Tube that shows the relocation and attaching of the collars

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Dr Ian Player and I

And my day finally arrived!! Having been involved with wildlife documentary productions for many many years and having produced many myself  for SABC television aswell as for Discovery Channel. I was always the one behind the camera or doing the sound, or in the case with Dr Ian player, responsible for the final mix of the video, that received the award for best movie of the year called. a Conservation Story. In that movie the life of Dr Ian player and the role he played in the conservation of the white and black Rhino and  his general contribution to conservation was portrayed.

Now I was attending a function where Dr Ian Player was the guest speaker. Giving a talk on the conservation of Rhino and what needs to be done to save them. My life had come full circle. To a point where I could talk to him on an equal footing about what he and I are doing to save rhinos. In the old days he would be chasing after Rhino on horseback or following them in an old 58 Ford truck to dart and relocate them. Now I was using modern technology and electronics in whict I had qualified in at the start of my career many many years ago and with that information and expertise, I was now in the position to contribute greatly in the conservation of white and black Rhino. By providing the means to monitor them via satellite or VHf directional finding equipment. I told him I was honoured to be in his presence and discuss the things he and I so dearly felt about,Conserving wildlife. It made me feel good to hear Dr Ian player respond by saying he to felt honoured to be my presence.
 May his knowledge and expertise keep the flame burning in the area of wildlife conservation for many many years to come. Thank you Dr player for what you have done and inspired me to do as a young boy, and that was to and try and follow in your footsteps.

Monday, 25 July 2011

And now it is finally done, I've just completed the last of the first batch of GPS/GSM Rhino transmitters to be installed into a Rhino horns. It has been a long journey to work out exactly how and what to do. I'm glad to report that all systems are ready to go. Due to the security surrounding the poaching of Rhino I can unfortunately not say where they are going, but I think some poachers are in for a big shock when they are suddenly confronted by the police or antipoaching organisations.
Getting the unit the smallest possible was a major problem, and every ounce of extra weight needed to be shaved off. Now it is on the next project. This one I'm really looking for to, it is a GPS/GSM collar with VHF beacon transmitter to be fitted to a lion. New blood is being introduced into a game reserve and they need to monitor the  new females to see where they are going and hopefully not getting through the fences and feast on some unfortunate humans outside the fence parameter.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Here is my first Video about myself and a glimps at my life as a Nature Conservationest and Electrioncs Engineer. I hope to do one on my wildlife and Primate Sanctuary soon. Enjoy!!!!

Ryan Van Deventer:   My dearest friend and  what a profesional and compasionate Wildlife Vet.